Konelo Rome is a Virginian hip-hop native that demonstrates diversity of inspirational music with a mixture of storytelling that allows listeners to connect. Konelo Rome skills of writing music began with writing short stories and poetry expressing internal thoughts of himself, others, and what’s going on in society. Konelo Rome has a strong passion towards writing making music that thrives all human emotions. Konelo Rome style of music has no boundaries each track has its own identity. Konelo Rome is now recording and releasing music and is working a music project. 

Konelo Rome mission is to encourage those that doubt themselves in conquering dreams and goals that are thought to be impossible. In addition, creating music that involves heavy imagination allows Konelo Rome to create many types of music to express emotions that individuals can relate and enjoy listening. 

Konelo Rome is Currently recording and releasing songs, so audience can understand his music style and enjoy great music. This will lead Konelo Rome to work on music for upcoming projects and upcoming official singles. Becoming a musical artist is a new journey that Konelo Rome always thought of, but is finally experiencing. writing songs throughout the week only inspires Konelo Rome to become greater each time. There is always room for improvement. self-motivation is Konelo Rome key to get him into the doors of greatness, so opportunities can open to motivate individuals to meet their own personal full potential.